Driving Innovations in Digital Transformation

We have developed and marketed engineering solutions for many industries, giving us critical insights into product innovations, developments and lifecycle management. Our goal is to provide the best solutions by utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience. We are developing an innovative, software agnostic, reconfigurable digital platform, iDigitLabTM to aid enterprises towards their digital transformation journey.

Our Solutions

Intelligent, Reconfigurable Platform for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a key Industry 4.0 and beyond business initiative at many enterprises since it paves the way to accelerate the growth of revenue and profitability through rapid innovations, improvement of productivity, and increase of reliability across these enterprises. Technologies such as Digital Twin is at the core of the digital transformation.

The iDigitLabTM is a plug and play, intelligent, reconfigurable digital transformation platform for use by enterprises to design products, optimize the operation of products by detecting and isolating faults, managing diagnostics and troubleshooting, recommending corrective action, and determining the optimal maintenance schedule, in addition to providing guidance to enhance the development of next generation products, services and processes throughout the entire product life cycle management. The acceleration of of iDigitLab development is facilitated through the use of open source architecture and artificial intelligence (AI}.

Enabling Technologies

The implementation of digital transformation based on iDigitLab requires the infusion of many technologies. Understanding these technologies and effectively incorporating them are keys to the successful development of the iDigitLab.

Application Areas

Numerous application areas can benefit from the use of iDigitLab. The built-in knowledge base of iDigitLab will enable these applications without having to learn various software and technologies.

Industries We Support

The DigitLab is applicable to the solution of problems in many industries. The development of iDigitLab takes into account the common underlying fundmentals among these industries.